Market Outlook 2/28/2018


Market outlook As of today, Feb 28th, we are sitting on 95% cash. After an absolutely stellar run in the first month of 2018, we took our gains right before the correction that saw stocks pullback 10% or more. The timing was perfect, but we’re not convinced the correction is over. After enjoying a bull run that matches the rush of 1999 and 2007 thanks to an all time high in liquidity alongside an...

An update on the Microchip Thesis


[DATED MARCH 2017 via Jarvus Friends and Family Fund prior to Third Wave Capital inception] One year ago in March 2016 I wrote to friends and colleagues that there was a severe undervaluation of microchip stocks across the board. It seemed at the time that the slow down in PC sales growth caused over selling in microchip sectors considered to be completely reliant on PC sales. However, what was...